Richard Roolvink holds a masters in International Business Administration. As an experienced marketing strategist he has been extensively involved in the renewal and transformation of marketing organizations within various businesses, making them more professional, innovative and entrepreneurial. As a manager, consultant and coach, he knows how to find the right balance between the inside and outside, logic and magic of brands and organizations. Taking 'why' as the starting point, he guides you towards a new strategy via co-creation and implementation.

Richard is not afraid of obstacles, daring to ask critical questions to provide new insights. Richard has knowledge of many industries and an extensive background in international business management. He loves to share this with people, teams and organizations in order to (re)discover their growth potential and realize their dreams and ambitions.


To enable organizations to achieve a greater impact based on a clear understanding, a meaningful purpose and competitive positioning.


Richard is convinced that organizations can only have long-term success if they are seamlessly consistent both inside and out, are genuine and are relevant. He helps individuals, teams and organizations to (re)discover their purpose and to become more professional, innovative and entrepreneurial.

Richard Roolvink
Richard B. Roolvink